Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My First Two Months

Yep, it's been two months since I started this blog, and for the most part I'm pretty happy with how it's going. There's so much I want to cover, but I often just don't have the time (and it doesn't help that I'm kind of a slow writer). I thought I'd make a quick index/summary of what I've written about so far. Here are my blog posts from January:
And from February:
That's a pretty good variety of topics, and I think the arguments I've made are fairly substantial. I may focus a bit too much on countering more evangelical strains of Christianity, although given my personal religious background it's hard not to.

In the future I'll try to focus a little more on philosophy and ethics, and I plan to make more posts on the two books I've been reading (Why Evolution is True and Jesus, Interrupted) as well.

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