Sunday, February 20, 2011

Ebon Musings & Daylight Atheism

The Ebon Musings website (including the accompanying Daylight Atheism blog) is probably the best resource on skepticism and nonbelief that I've come across on the internet. The author, one Adam Lee (aka Ebonmuse), has produced some of the most thoughtful, even-handed and intelligent writing I've read.

Ebon has written on subjects ranging from the nature of religious faith to evolution to secular ethics to Bible contradictions to the existence of the soul and everything in between. He also has an impressively thorough refutation of a Christian book I read by Lee Strobel, The Case for a Creator. There were lots of assertions in that book that sounded fishy to me, and that series often makes clear exactly what's wrong with them. His list of "must-read posts" can be found here (the link to posts of past years is at the bottom of the page).

What I like most about Ebon Musings and Daylight Atheism is how incredibly reasonable they are. Even if an unexpected tidal wave of evidence caused me to convert back to Christianity, I would still have to admit that Ebon was right on a number of major points, and he would still be far more cordial and display far better reasoning skills than most apologists. I don't agree with him across the board, of course, but some of his arguments against theism and Christianity are among the strongest I've come across. Anyone seeking to counter the claims of nonbelievers will run into serious problems here.

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