Sunday, April 3, 2011

OSR on Twitter & YouTube

This blog (OSR for short) now has corresponding YouTube and Twitter accounts: OtherSideReflections and @OtherSideReflec. I'll be using Twitter to occasionally jot quick down thoughts that I don't feel a pressing need to make full posts about. For example, here are my first three tweets:
  • A rule of thumb: If you wouldn't accept something as evidence for another religion, don't accept it as evidence for yours.
  • A single Quran is burned in Florida. In response, radical Muslims in Afghanistan riot and kill 12 people. Madness.
  • Two examples of religious faith being directly responsible for global warming denialism: ,
As for the YouTube channel, I probably won't be uploading any videos of my own, so it'll just be a place for interesting and informative videos that I feel are relevant to this blog. I'll also include more lighthearted fare, like this hilarious yet terrifying dramatic reenactment of actual comments taken from fundamentalist forums:

There's a wealth of great content available on YouTube. But it's often hard to find, so it's convenient for me to have a place to store all of the gems that I discover buried among the dreck.

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