Saturday, April 23, 2011

A Potential Reading List

The list of books I want to read on subjects related to this blog is growing far more rapidly than the pace of my actual reading. Here are some of the books that I might cover here in the future, in no particular order:
There's a pretty big variety within that list. I picked that group based on my interest in certain subjects, and by studying the pros and cons mentioned in the Amazon reviews. It ranges from atheist morality (Carrier) to the resurrection (Komanitsky) to evolution (Dawkins) to Christian historical revisionism (Rodda). A few highlights: The Bible Unearthed uses archaeology to show that much of the Old Testament has no historical basis. The Impossibility of God makes the bold case that God can be conclusively disproven from a logical standpoint. And The End of Christianity is an upcoming sequel to an excellent anthology I read, The Christian Delusion.

While there are a lot of topics I want to learn more about, I don't want to live in an echo chamber that only backs up my existing opinions. For that reason, I've also looked at some books advocating for Christianity and theism:
I'm actually not particularly interested in any of these, so it'll be hard to get myself to read them. But doing so does have its benefits: in the unlikely event that I'm wrong, they may help convince me, and even if they don't, I'll be more familiar with those arguments and hopefully have a better idea of how to respond.

For anyone who happens to be reading, book recommendations (for either side) are welcome.

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