Friday, March 9, 2012

Quotable Me, Vol. 3

Occasionally when I have a quick thought and either don't have the time or the inspiration to flesh it out into a blog post, I jot it down on my Twitter feed. Credit for a few of these goes to the sources I was reading or listening to at the time, which I sometimes condense down into a sentence or two. Here's some of the stuff I've posted over the past few months. 

On Christianity:
  • Christians don't realize that each jump they make—from supernaturalism to theism to Christianity to fundamentalism—adds another layer of far-fetched assumptions.
  • "Not a true Christian" is meaningless from an outsider's perspective since Christianity has no clear, accepted, universal definition.
  • The idea that the earth is 6,000 years old causes serious problems for YECs, but the idea that the Flood was just 4,350 years ago is far worse.
  • I've come up with a fun game. I tell a lie, and others spend centuries trying to find a way in which it's true. I'll call it... apologetics.
  • Apologist (n.) – Someone whose livelihood depends on convincing you that genocide is actually a good thing when God does it.
  • I've found that many Christians judge how well others understand the Bible based solely on how much others agree with their interpretation.
On God, religion and atheism:
  • The rejection of this life in anticipation of a second one is the ultimate impediment to human progress.
  • Vagueness is among religion's most powerful tools. Believers can disagree on every point of doctrine yet still take solace in the same book.
  • Calling an unexplained phenomenon a miracle is not an explanation, but an admission of ignorance.
  • God-based morality isn't objective. It's still dependent on a particular person; that person just happens to be an omnipotent dictator.
  • Religion's most pervasive problem—and its greatest strategic advantage—is that for most people, it's "opt-out."
  • Some people try so hard to label atheism a religion due solely to atheists' passion... so can we call "labeling atheism a religion" a religion too?
  • If a god exists who punishes questioning and rewards blind faith, reason is the greatest curse he has ever conferred upon humanity.
On science and skepticism:
  • Acknowledging a gap in our knowledge is the first step toward filling it.
  • Once belief without sufficient evidence is permitted, everything is permitted.
  • As a family that has worked its way to riches is nobler than royalty, so is humanity's evolution nobler than special creation.
  • Denialists express parallel ignorance. Creationists: "Show me the transitional fossils!" Birthers: "Show me the birth certificate!"
  • Idea for countering bias: when you find an opposing argument that you don't know how to answer, add it to a list so you can't brush it off.
  • Three words that should never appear together: "required to believe."
Pretty soon I'll also post the fourth installment in my anthology of skeptical quotes from non-me sources.

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  1. "Once belief without sufficient evidence is permitted, everything is permitted"

    appears to be a very nice counterpoint to the

    "Once you believe in nothing, everything is permitted!"

    Nice list. I think I'll keep it for reference.